Writing 101

So you've always wanted to write, but didn't know how to start. Well, this page is for those of you who are interested in writing. I'll link my blog articles about writing here, giving new blog readers the opportunity of learning this information without having to search for it. Some blogs will be long, while other topics will be short.

And, in case you wondered, you can purchase books and books and more books on these subjects, by people much smarter and more prolific than me. So if you want to learn more about a particular topic, have at it! I'm just giving you a rundown of things to think about before you get started. If I am missing a topic, send me a note and I'll add it to the list and write a blog. If you have a question about something I've written, send me a note.

There will be no order in how these are posted. Sorry, but randomness just makes it more interesting, doesn't it? If the topic is underlined, then the blog has been posted.

Writing 101 -- Story Evolution
Writing 101 -- Point of View
Writing 101 -- Word Count
Writing 101 -- Goal Setting -- Getting started
Writing 101 -- Setting Yearly Goals
Writing 101 -- Setting Monthly, Weekly and Daily Goals
Writing 101 -- Plot
Writing 101 -- Story Structure
Writing 101 -- Dialogue
Writing 101 --  Characterization
Writing 101 -- Writing Style
Writing 101-- Punctuation
Writing 101 -- Voice
Writing 101 -- Hooks
Writing 101--GMC Goal, Motivation, and Conflict
Writing 101--Craft
Writing 101 -- Description
Writing 101 -- Using Spellcheck and Grammar check
Writing 101 -- Beginnings & Endings
Writing 101 -- Writing is like Gardening
Writing 101 -- Reading a Dream
Writing 101 -- Hyperlinking
Writing 101 -- Pithy Thoughts
Writing 101 -- Writer's Observe
Writing 101 -- Cut the Boring Crap
Writing 101 --  Critiquing vs. Judging
Writing 101 -- It's All About Context
Writing 101 -- Telling a Story Versus Storytelling