Weighty Wednesday

On June 19, 2011, I started my weight loss journey.

Everyone who reads this section has a reason to lose weight. We know we are overweight. We don't need to see the pictures, or hear others talk about us, or be nagged by our significant other. Our reasons for starting this journey are as varied as we are.

BUT I caution you to lose weight for YOU, not for an occasion (wedding, reunion, vacation) or others (spouse, kids, parents). Love yourself enough to give this gift to yourself.

My journey started because my blood pressure had elevated--oh, it was still in "normal" range, but it was significantly higher than it had been the year before. I also weighed MORE than I had at nine months pregnant--OUCH! My hubby had been concerned, but I stubbornly tuned out his comments. And this wasn't the first time I had lost weight. Oh, no, this was my FOURTH time, but I vowed it would be my last time.

This is a journey with the goal of eating healthy, getting fitter and losing weight. Once we reach our weight goal, it doesn't mean we have to stop the journey. We now have the tools to make the appropriate choices in our lives. This journey is all about making choices. There are no right or wrong choices, but we must be aware of our choices-- Each. And. Every. Single. Day.

Food has become our drug of choice. We can't quit eating, because we must eat to survive, but we can make better choices. I know I'll never be the weight I was in college, and even if I were, it wouldn't look the same. Age has a funny way of laughing at us once we are wise enough to appreciate what we did have.

Feel free to wander around my blog, clicking links and exploring. I'll link the Weighty Wednesday posts below in the order that I wrote them. Though you might be at the beginning, the middle or the end of your journey, I hope my honesty, ability to poke fun at myself, and helpful hints somehow make this a little easier for you.

Remember--you are not alone. It doesn't matter if you have only ten pounds to lose or a hundred, many of us have walked in your shoes. No matter how much weight we lose, we still have arms big enough to hug and encourage you.

I started Weighty Wednesdays about three months into this journey, but I had pertinent blogs prior to the 'official' start. I included them in the hopes that my trials and errors would help you on your journey.
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