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There really isn't much to say.

Margaret is a late-to-bloom writer. Oh, that isn't to say she hasn't written stuff over the years, but she did successfully quit writing for about twelve years. Various interests got in her way: horses (buying, riding and showing hunters takes time and money!), marriage, travel (England, Wales, Germany, France), and that nasty word, "work". But in the year 2000 when she had a child and went to work part-time, she wondered if she could write a novel.

She did . . . and it's a good thing that particular novel will never see the light of day.

That isn't to say she hasn't learned from her writing mistakes--and oh-boy, there were many!  But mixed in with the mistakes were a variety of *lightbulb* moments.
In 2008, she discovered her love for writing children's books.

And so the stories continue to unfold. . .

Margaret loves to hear from readers, fans, loyal subjects, gnomes, faeries, and various minions . . . as long as it is anyone other than the IRS  . . . and leprechauns.

She really, really doesn't like leprechauns.

Contact her at:
Email: margaret.golla@gmail.com
Facebook: M. A. Golla or Margaret A. Sullivan Golla

Or the main character of my Goblin's Apprentice series

Kyte Webber's Facebook: Kyte Webber-The Goblin's Apprentice

Margaret has also joined Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Ravelry, Pinterest, Weight Watchers, etc. etc., but who really has time to keep up with all the social media??

I'm a blogger and Facebook fan.


*snort* She made a funny!
Hey, a girl can dream, can't she??

Margaret does make appearances at the dinner table or anywhere she can sniff out food.

She loves to talk about anything and everything writing--or non-writing. If interested, just send her an email and she'll get the conversation started!