Goblin's Apprentice World

The Goblin's Apprentice stories, featuring Kyte Webber, in chronological order.


To Gnome Me Is To Love Me
Book one

When Kyte Webber finds a very real garden gnome, her life will change forever. Gnomes aren't supposed to be real, are they? But Kyte's gnome is in danger of becoming the last ingredient in a witch's magical Mythical potion and she's the only one who can save him! With the full moon tonight, Kyte must save the Mythicals, destroy a witch, and get home in time for supper!



The Fast and the FAERIEous
Book two
Kyte Webber's life is turned upside down on day two of the sixth grade when she rescues a faerie princess from her nemesis, Lisa Morris. But when a water nymph nearly drowns Lisa's sister, well, everything gets complicated. It doesn't help matters when Lisa tags along with Kyte to the faerie's kingdom and nearly starts a Mythical War of the Worlds!



A Maze of Monster Mix-ups  
Halloween chapter book
Prequel to book three, FOR WHOM THE BELL TROLLS
Halloween is a little different in the country, and this is Kyte Webber's first Trunk-or-Treat Carnival. It has everything from a Jupiter Jump to a goblin dunking tank to a haunted corn maze. Problems arise when a few 'unexpected' guests crash the party. 


For Whom the Bell Trolls
Book three

The war for Celestia isn’t going well—for the good guys, that is. But Kyte Webber is more concerned her missing Celestian friend Mike, who disappeared on Halloween night. After experiencing a Night Mare, she knows what she has to do to rescue Mike. It’s simple. She has to break into Mike’s house, find his journal, travel to Celestia and rescue him out from under the noses of a garrison of trolls stationed at Castle Dragonskull.
Easy-peasy, right?


Sugar Plum Disaster
Christmas Chapter Book

A squillion frantic faeries awaken Kyte Webber from a sound sleep on Christmas Eve. The Sugar Plum Faerie is missing! Kyte will never get to sleep with all their zipping around and sprinkling faerie dust on her when they collide, she agrees to check it out. When the faeries fly Kyte to the Sugar Plum Faerie’s kitchen, she finds a crime scene worthy of investigation.  

Lost Leprechaun Loot
St. Patrick's Day Chapter Book
Three leprechauns need eleven-year-old Kyte Webber to find their pots-o-gold, but this adventure isn't as straight forward as it seems as the leprechauns want their gold and the reward they promised Kyte, too. They will try every trick in the book to deceive Kyte, but she has a few tricks up her sleeve and plans to beat them at their game.

Time of The Yeti

Dragon Days of Summer
Book Four of The Goblin's Apprentice series
When Kyte Webber's house explodes, sending her mother into a hospital's Intensive Care Unit, she wonders why she's being targeted after six months of Celestian silence. With a little help from the townspeople of Nowhere and a lot of pixie dust her mom is alive. But Mythicals don't do favors without expecting some form of repayment and Pixies are no exception. While repaying her Pixie debt, she stumbles on a bigger issue--dragons.
The Leprechaun Connection
Book Five of The Goblin's Apprentice series
Leprechauns aren't like Lucky from Lucky Charms cereal--all nice and cute. They are as greedy and evil as they come. Kyte Webber follows the clue Mike had given her to find her missing goblin mentor, Rhan, and it takes her into the deep recesses of leprechaun territory. She has to play her cards right to get out alive with her mentor in tow.

Chapter/Picture Books

Gnome Without A Home
Chapter Book
Rory Leafhopper's story
With a handful of magic acorns in his knapsack, Grandmère sends Rory Leafhopper out into the world to find his gnome home. But Rory doesn't want to leave the Tottingtonshire Hill clan, and plans to return only  to find his home had disappeared! When Rory blunders his first two wishes, barely escaping with his life, he wishes for the perfect gnome home.
But sometimes the home a gnome wishes for isn’t the home he needs.