Brenda Novak's  For the Cure Auction is cancelled for 2015.

The Auction is closed for 2014.
The three afghans raised $213 dollars.

My donations made $621 out of the $358,315 raised in 2013!!! 

Let's see how much money my three afghans can raise this year! 

This year I'm donating under For Everyone tab:

Finished size 46" X 61"
Angels All Around afghan
Close up of angels
If you want a color other than ivory, you will have to choose it from a list of possible colors and give me 4-6 weeks to make it. 

Shades of Blue Flower Afghan
Finished size 50" X 62"

close up of flower

finished size 46" X 53"

close up of square
border color is dark green

I am not donating candy this year (2014). 
Under For Everyone tab are my chocolates, scroll down to find them.
FIVE boxes of artisan chocolates

 Molded candies:
Truffle filling flavors offered--yes, I make all my own fillings using prodigious amounts of butter, heavy cream, high quality Ghirardelli chocolate (white and dark), liquor, along with appropriate fruits and nuts.


-Amaretto—Amaretto di Saronno (almond) liquor

-Bäranjäger—a honey liquor

-Black Forest—minced cherries soaked in Kirshwasser prior to blending into a dark truffle filling.

-ButterShots—Butterscotch schnapps made into a dark truffle filling

-Chambord—Puree of blackberries and raspberries (seeds are strained out) and Chambord liquor

-Cranberry Cosmo--cranberries, vodka, with a twist of orange zest

-Frangelico—Frangelico (hazelnut) liquor
-Gingerbread--ginger root in vodka, with cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and molasses
-Grand Marnier—juice and zest from oranges and Grand Marnier
-Key Lime—Juice and zest from Key Limes, and Tanqueray Gin
-Limoncello#1 favorite flavor “perfect combination of sweet, lemony tartness”—lemon juice and zest, and Limoncello liquor
-Peppermint Schnapps—Rumple Minze schnapps and peppermint oil
-Rum Raisin—Raisins macerated in Bacardi Select rum
-Strawberry Margarita—frozen strawberries, lime juice and Cuervo Gold tequila
-Whiskey Toffee—Jack Daniels black label whiskey and toffee pieces
 Five Boxes of Sea Salt Caramels

Sea Salt Caramelsseriously to DIE for—buttery, creamy caramel with a crunch of sea salt for the sweet and salty treat we all seem to crave-milk or dark chocolate dipped