Elemental Power Series

All four of these stories are intertwined, therefore I don't intend to release any of them until all of them are ready to be published. Series name, titles, first chapters and plot are subject to change.

Elemental Power Series

It is time for a new world order.
Zealots hosting power-hungry frailties of greed and corruption have cause wars that have almost destroyed the world’s resources numerous times throughout the centuries.

For eons, the Golden Dogma has been quietly preparing for this moment. Time has finally arrived when the four elements of nature would gain their powers within the same month. Controlling earth, air, water and fire will give the Golden Dogma the ultimate power to master Earth’s destiny.
But will the humans harnessing the elements be so willing to help?

 Air Beneath a Dragon's Wings


The Fire Within
A pyromaniac who can't be burned and the cursed gargoyle she brings back to life are in a race to find the remainder of Vesta's (Roman Goddess of the Hearth) sphere before the Golden Dogma operatives find it and gain control the world's original source of power--fire.